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 What do you want from a review?

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What do you want from a review? Empty
PostSubject: What do you want from a review?   What do you want from a review? EmptySun Aug 28, 2011 2:20 pm

Help me out here folks. I think I need some feedback.

I have a pile of movies I have watched in the last while as I have absolutely nothing else I am capable of doing at the moment.

Re-reading some of my reviews, I feel they may be missing "something" but I don't know what it may be. I don't want to get into a heavy plot analysis and give the story away to someone that hasn't seen it yet.

I love movies amd I love sharing my overall thoughts on them. But if I'm not helping you make a decision on what to watch, it's kind of pointless.

Any suggestions? Or am I doing enough?
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What do you want from a review?
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