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 The Warded Man

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PostSubject: The Warded Man   The Warded Man EmptySun Oct 24, 2010 10:54 pm

This is another fantasy series I would recommend to anyone looking for a good new read. It's not the best book, but it's still very good. The characters are all interesting with unique back-stories and experiences, and the storyline is unique and compelling.

He has a couple of things that I find annoying, but they're minor and not terribly annoying.

It's by Peter V. Brett. I think he was on the panel with Sanderson and Rothfuss at Comic Con for those who were there. He has a second book in the series out which I found to be even better than the first, and its called Desert Spear. It is interesting in that one of the "villains" that emerges in the first book gets a lot of his backstory revealed to the point that, while you don't condone the choices he made in the first book that seemed so appalling at first, you get much more understanding about it.

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The Warded Man
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