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PostSubject: Source Code   Source Code EmptySun Aug 07, 2011 11:05 pm

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If I had been watching this movie with comany, I believe I would have been let down by this movie. What I saw in the previews had it appearing to be more "action" oriented. It was probably a very good thing that I watched it alone and without interuptions. This movie is more of a mental action movie than a visual one.

The premise for the plot is interesting to me, and that helped the movie immensely. Sadly though, it was not an "original" idea. Too many times I kept looking at the actor and thinking "that's not him" ... This movie took a few too many cues from "7 Days", the TV Show from a decade or so ago.

I was happy to see that the writers didn't dumb down the plot to the point of idiocy. Their attempts at simplifying and explaining Quantum Physics was very nice to see - I'd rather be given information I don't fully understand than be treated like a mindless idiot and given a dumbed down plot.

The writers were also very good at making subtle, and not so subtle, statements about our society today. Their portrayal "threat assessment" was very good. While it's a current "trend" to look at the Mid East members of society as a likely suspect for terrorist activites, I think this movie made a very good statement about that.

Casting & Cinematography was mostly un-noticed. The one exception was Goodwin. The actress chosen to play that character did an oustanding job in my opinion.

Rating 8.1
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