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The Beaver

I picked this movie solely on the basis of the leading actor and actress - Mel Gibson & Jodie Foster. Other than that, I went into this movie completely blind with respect to it's plot - and therefore no expectations. My one concession to that thought was my memory of the last time these two did a movie together - Maverick, the off the wall western - and I admit I was rather hoping for something similar. This movie will take some time to process, and while it was in no way similar to my one preconceived notion, I know it was well worth the time spent watching it.

This movie takes a very hard look at the human psyche and how one man deals with his own depression. It does it with a very unique style of what I can only call "dark humor" - that is to say, what would otherwise be funny in any other instance is not funny in this movie - instead it is a very blunt instrument used to with great effectiveness to make the viewer look directly at the characters mental state.

There are secondary stories within the overall story as well, also dealing with aspects of how people cope with life and the pitfalls we each encounter. Each character is an insight into a different part of our collective self - the naive innocence of a young child, an teen afraid of following in a disturbed parents footsteps, a mother and wife trying to hold it all together, a teen hiding from the pain of loosing of a family member. The various stories of each character blend very well - for the most part, they don't jump out at you as you watch this movie. Instead, it is only after the movie has ended and you start to think about it, that their stories, and the ability of the writers, becomes apparent.

I don't usually comment on actors - they either play the role well or they don't. Mel Gibson is an actor I rarely find fault with. But this movie is so far from anything I have seen him portray ... and he was superb - far better than I would have hoped for if I had read a plot synopsis prior to watching this movie. Jodie Foster was also excellent - though with her looks, she could play a deaf, blind, mute sitting on a rock and I'd be happy watching the movie Razz

I need to throw out my rating standards for this movie. This is undoubtedly a great movie - well written & superbly acted - but I know my friends, and it's probably not one that I would recommend to most of them. It is also not one I would go out and buy the DVD for either. Nor will it be one that I will watch every few months. But as a stand alone, watch it once a year at most movie, it scores very high.

Rating: a solid 9.0

p.s. Since this is a writers guild ... even if the idea of watching a movie about a man dealign with depression doesn't appeal to you, I think this movie would be worth watching solely to see how the writers did their job. I was paying more attention to the storyline as I watched it this time, but I believe that if I was to watch it with the intent of learning how to portray emotion (particularly the "darker" emotions) in a character, this movie would be a good source of "inspiration" for me. I know it's hard to translate images to words on a page, but Even now thinking back I am sure I can see ideas and thoughts forming around certain events and dialogues within the movie.
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