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 Nature Abhors a Vacuum (The Aielund Saga)

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Nature Abhors a Vacuum (The Aielund Saga) Empty
PostSubject: Nature Abhors a Vacuum (The Aielund Saga)   Nature Abhors a Vacuum (The Aielund Saga) EmptyWed Aug 17, 2011 2:52 am

Amazon Product Description wrote:
For Aiden Wainwright, a short trip to the nearby town of Bracksfordshire was supposed to be an opportunity for continuing his research into the arcane. But unfortunate circumstances see the town gates closed for weeks, and with supplies running low, Aiden finds himself thrust into the role of town saviour. Together with an old friend of dubious character, a drunken ranger on the edge, and a church acolyte out of her depth, he sets out to fill the vacuum of power left by the absent King’s army, and deal with a rapidly escalating situation that threatens the security of the entire land, while uncovering the mysteries behind his own past.

I know there's a fair number of gamers here, so if the name seems familiar, it's the novelization of one of the more popular modules for the first Neverwinter Nights, written by the creator of said modules. I may a bit biased after having played it so much (especially the part that this novel covers), but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any that reads fantasy.

Only available through the Kindle store for the time being (that I know of), I've gotten worse deals for $2.99, though one of the Kindle apps (I know the PC one at least is free) or an actual Kindle's required to read it.

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Nature Abhors a Vacuum (The Aielund Saga)
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